Special Edition Olive Women
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Special Edition Olive Women


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Wooden Watch and Wooden Sunglasses combination

  • handmade out of high quality olive wood
  • perfect suitable for women
  • lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • allergy-friendly

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100 % joy of unique 

Discover the freedom for vision and a piece of unique nature with the special olive women edition. Let the lively olive wood bring you lightness and let the unique combination of blue marble inspire you. Enjoy every ray of sunshine with the Weitblick wooden sunglasses and Hochglück wooden watch, keep track of the time and celebrate your uniqueness.

Holzspecht Wooden watch for women olive

Hochglück Wooden Watch:

  • 30 mm case diameter
  • blue marble dial
  • Olive Wood
  • adjustable wooden watchband
  • crown on 4 o’clock position

Weitblick Wooden Sunglasses:

  • polarised lense in black
  • Olive Wood
  • UV 400 nm (UV-A, UV-B, UV-C)
  • light transmission category 3
  • spring hinges
Sunglasses out of Wood Weitblick Olive