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Frequently asked questions

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General questions

You can place your chosen wooden product into your shopping cart by clicking directly on the shopping cart symbol or by going to the product site and clicking on “Add to Cart”. In order to continue your order please click on “checkout”. Then please enter your details for the invoice and choose your preferred payment method. After that you finalize your order liable to pay by clicking on “confirm and pay order”.

Holzspecht offers several payment options. You can choose to either pay by means of Sofort payment, credit card (through our payment provider Stripe), EPS (only in Austria), Giropay (only in Germany) or Paypal. Check our payment options.

Holzspecht delivers wooden accessories free of charge to all EU member states as well as to Switzerland and Norway. Shipping and sales to other countries are currently not possible. For further information please visit our shipping site.

Wood products from Holzspecht are shipped free of charge in the delivery area from an order value of 80 euros. For orders under 80 euros shipping costs apply. For further information please visit our shipping site.

After the order has left our warehouse, you will receive an email from our shipping partner with the shipment tracking.

We are convinced of our product’s high quality. Therefore we offer guarantee for two years after the date of purchase, if the wooden accessory by Holzspecht was used in accordance with our instructions for use.
Guarantee claims are only applicable upon presentation of the valid invoice, respectively payment receipt. Guarantee includes potential manufacturing- or material faults present at the date of purchase.
We will provide the same or a similar model of the wooden product if, in case of applicable guarantee, repairing your wooden accessory is not possible.
Damage resulting from regular usage, wearing and tearing, heat- and water damage as well as the watches’ battery, theft or loss are excluded from guarantee.

In case of a guarantee claim please contact us for further handling of your claim.

Holzspecht products are usually well suited for people with allergies. If you have any questions about the materials used to manufacture our products, please feel free to write to us.

We thank you for your interest and your inquiry! Please contact us through for discussing further details!

Questions about products

For cleaning your wooden accessory from Holzspecht please use a soft cloth. Avoid usage of soap or chemicals, as that might damage your wooden accessory.

All of our wooden products are made out of the natural material wood, therefore the used wooden pieces are not identical as they originate from different trees. No two pieces of wood used are the same. That is why, in comparison to the product image, slight variances in colour and wood grain might occur.

The wood products are designed by Holzspecht in Austria, they are produced in China, the movements of the wooden watches are, depending on the model, a Swiss or Japanese precision clockwork. Our office is located in rural Styria, Austria.

Questions about wooden watches

We use long lasting batteries. But still, at some point every battery will run out of energy. In case that happens, please contact a local specialized shop of your choice and have the battery exchanged. Information on the battery type is provided in the instructions for use, supplied with your wooden watch in your Holzspecht packing box.

Some wooden watches from Holzspecht correspond to the category 3ATM. Other models are splashproof. Details about the respective watch can be found on the product page or in the user manual. Watertightness data refer in particular to the case and the movement. Since wood is a natural product that is basically not compatible with water, we ask you to avoid contact with liquids. In general please take off your wooden watch before washing your hands, showering or going swimming.

Information on how to adjust the wristwatch with the included tool can be found under Adjusting the length of the wristband and in the instructions for use that were included in your Holzspecht wooden box.

Automatic watches are operated without a battery. They have a special movement that is wound by the movements of your wrist while wearing the watch. In addition, manual winding via the crown, the “time setting wheel”, is also possible.

Please contactour team in this regard. We will be happy to assist you with the exchange.

Questions about rings

You can find instructions on how to determine your ring size on our page: Determine ring size.

Please contactour team in this regard. We will be happy to assist you with the exchange.

With Holzspechts rings, the wooden inlay is covered with a transparent protective layer to protect the wood. Contact with water is therefore possible with rings from Holzspecht. However, please avoid contact with chemical agents, as contact with chemical agents can lead to a slight change in color over time, or affect the protective layer of the wood.

Different woods are used for the Holzspecht rings. The description of each ring states the wood from which the wooden inlay is made.

To clean your Holzspecht rings, use water and a damp cleaning cloth. Avoid chemical cleaning agents.

The applicationof an individual desired engraving is possible via an engraver of your choice near you next to the delicately attached lettering Holzspecht on the inside. Holzspecht does not offer individual engravings. Only the Altair ring cannot be engraved on the inside of the ring, as the inside of the ring is made of wood.

Tungsten, the basic material of Holzspecht’s rings, is hypoallergenic and therefore very allergy-friendly.

Questions about glasses

Optical lenses cannot be installed in the wooden sunglasses Weitblick, Lichtblick, Blickfang, Freiblick and Bergsicht. The Moment collection, in which optical glasses with individual prescriptions can be installed by your trusted optician, is sold out.

Questions about jewelry

Since wood is a natural product that is basically not compatible with water, we ask you to avoid contact with liquids of any kind. Please remove your earrings/necklace before showering or swimming and do not bring them into contact with liquids.

Yes, the length of the Morgenrot and Abendrot wooden bracelets is adjustable. Several silver-colored metal links are attached to the clasp. These metal links feature a clasp closure. The two silver-colored metal links without the Holzspecht bird engraving can be fully opened and removed. The bracelet can thus be shortened.

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