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Determine ring size

You have a ring that fits you very well, but you don’t know its size? All good: This is how you can determine the size of your ring:

Determine ring size

1. Determine ring size with ring

Measure the inside diameter of your ring in mm and then compare it with the following information from diameter in mm to ring size. And – è voila – you know your ring size and can choose your perfect fit when ordering your Tungsten ring with wood by Holzspecht.

2. Determine the ring size without a ring

You don’t have a well-fitting ring or simply don’t know your ring size? Don’t you worry, this will help you to figure out your ring size. Measure the circumference of the finger on which you want to wear your Holzspecht wooden ring. It is best to take a thread and wrap it around your finger so that you can measure the length in mm. Alternatively, you can cut a strip of paper, wrap that around your finger, mark the circumference on the paper and then measure the size of your finger. Whether with thread or paper: as soon as you know the size, compare it with the following information and – è voila – you know your ring size and can choose the right size when ordering your Holzspecht Tungsten and wood ring.

Determine ring size

Here is another TIP for you: Our hands and therefore our fingers can vary in size during the day, depending on the activities we do and the fluid level within the tissue. Therefore, measure your ring size once in the morning, at noon and in the evening and choose the largest size. Because as much as you don’t want the ring fit to be too loose – you definitely don’t want it sitting too tight.

Do you have questions about the ring size selection? You are welcome to write to us using our contact form.

Size chart for rings

Ring diameter inside (mm) Ring size Germany / Austria Ring size USA / Canada
14,8 mm
47 mm
15,5 mm
49 mm
16,4 mm
52 mm
17,2 mm
54 mm
17,9 mm
57 mm
18,7 mm
59 mm
19,7 mm
62 mm
20,6 mm
65 mm
21,3 mm
67 mm
22,1 mm
70 mm
23,1 mm
73 mm
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