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Sustainability – Holzspecht’s contribution

Doing Good Together

Holzspecht’s Contribution

Out of gratitude, we want to do good – for people in need, for the environment, for creating communities focusing on bringing about good together. Therefore, Holzspecht donates to support people in need and organizations committed towards social, sustainable and environmental efforts and we are dedicated to producing our wooden accessories within the cycle of nature. And you can take part as well!

In the Cycle of Nature

For Holzspecht’s wooden watches, wooden sunglasses, rings and wooden moneyclips, we use different types of wood to emphasize your uniqueness. Sustainability means a lot to us when it comes to choosing the types of wood used and their quality. Therefore, our wooden watches are made exclusively from high quality residual wood. Existing residual wood is used, so that no tree is felled for producing your wooden accessories.

Feeling, Living and Sharing Gratitude

There is so much for what we as Team Holzspecht are grateful in our lives:

  • for all the people who accompany us on our way and with whom we joyfully head into the future
  • for the opportunity to create unique wooden accessories, which emphasize your uniqueness
  • for the cycle of nature, which enables us to design unique wooden accessories for you
  • for all the wonderful moments, encounters and moments that we feel blessed with

We not only feel our gratitude, we live it. We feel have been blessed with so much good and unique in our lives so it is important for us to pass that on and do good for others.

And you can be a part of that.

How to do Good with Holzspecht

Holzspecht donates and thus each and every wooden accessory that finds a new home with a unique person like you will help us donating more and thus doing more good.

So discover now the wooden watch, wooden sunglasses, ring or moneyclip made out of your favorite wood to emphasize your uniqueness best and be part of a community that is committed to doing good for others and for the environment!

You can help us even more: if you know people who urgently need support or you wish to support a particular organization that is committed towards social, sustainable or environmental efforts – let me know! Please send your ideas to veronika@holzspecht.infoI look forward to your suggestions and to continuing working together to bring about more good!

Best Greetings,

Veronika, Team Holzspecht

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Doing good together

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