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Showing 1–32 of 46 results

Time is precious

Especially when enjoying special moments with your life partner, friends, family or even when appreciating some time alone. With wooden watches for women and men from Holzspecht, you can always keep an eye on time. At the same time, Holzspecht’s handmade wooden watches invite you to be completely present in a single moment, enjoying precious moments in your life.

Wood Watch Wilder Kaiser Zebra Wood
Wooden Watch Waldgoldstern Olive

Handmade unique piece

Handmade from high quality and unique types of wood with unique grain patterns, each wooden watch is one of a kind. It is a unique wooden watch for the unique and precious person who wears it. With all their diversity, Holzspecht’s wooden watches for women and men as well as unisex models have some things in common:

  • light weight
  • striking naturalness
  • hypoallergenic – use of allergy-friendly materials
  • precision of carefully selected movements
  • Woodpecker engraving on the back of the case and crown for an extra dose of lightness and vibrancy
  • extremely pleasant and high wearing comfort
  • elegant jewelry clasp
wood watch Dachstein walnut

Your Uniqueness

In addition to the functionality, the strikingly natural, timeless design and the high-quality materials, the wooden watches for men and women from Holzspecht also have on certain goal in common: highlighting and celebrating your uniqueness!