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Wood species for our wooden accessories


When thinking of maple trees two things come to mind immediately: the delicious maple syrup and Canada, with the maple leaf as its flag symbol. And Canada is one of the countries where maple trees grow. In addition to Canada, the deciduous trees are native to Europe, Asia and North America. Maple wood is light with colors ranging from white to slightly yellowish. The annual rings are clearly visible and contribute to maple wood’s special grain. This is particularly nicely visible in the Dachsteinwristwatch made entirely of maple wood. Maple wood is easily bendable, elastic, yet hard and stable. It is therefore very well suited for handmaking our Karwendeland Dachsteinwooden watches. Due to maple woods low weight, wood watches made out of maple are very comfortable to wear, thus giving you a piece of nature’s lightness.


If you’ve heard, read, or watched fairy tales as a child, you probably know Snow White. And if so, you definitely know the part where it says “her hair is black as ebony”. But maybe you are less aware that ebony is not necessarily black. There are different types of ebony that are native to countries in Africa, Indonesia and Central and South America. Depending on the type of ebony, it is brown, partly reddish or black to deep black. The colors of heartwood and sapwood, the wood just below the bark, also vary. The dial on the Wildensteiner wooden watch for men is made of dark ebony. The Mountain Sight sunglasses show dark brown to black ebony, the Free Sight sunglasses show the beautiful color variations of ebony. Ebony’s pores are open or very fine, depending on the type. It is one of the heaviest and hardest woods there is. Ebony is also very weather-resistant and one of the most valuable noble woods in the world. Thus, ebony is in the form of the wooden watch Wildensteiner or the sunglasses Mountain Sight and Free Sight perfectly able to highlight how special and precious you are.


When thinking of cherry trees, in addition to their tasty fruits, the wonderfully colorful flowering time of the cherry trees comes to mind. Cherry trees belong to the rose family of trees and plants and grow in deciduous and mixed coniferous forests. They are originally from Europe – maybe you even have a cherry tree in the garden yourself. In the meantime, cherry trees expanded their distribution area well into North America and Asia. Cherry trees’ wood belongs to the group of hardwoods and has a pleasant orange-red color. Characteristic are the clearly visible and lively fibres running through cherry wood, which make Holzspecht’s Moneyclip Donau wooden wallet made of cherry wood so very unique and pleasant to look at.

Wood Watches and Sunglasses out of Olive


Regardless of whether you prefer to eat green or black olives or maybe you are not an olive lover at all: the wood of the olive trees is truly breathtaking in all its diversity and liveliness. Olive trees belong to the olive tree family and are native to Mediterranean countries, the Middle East and partly to South Africa.
They are evergreen trees, especially slow growing and their wood is very hard. At its core, olive wood is very dark and becomes lighter towards the edge. The colors vary in different, at times wonderful honey-colored brown tones. The grain is very pronounced and wonderfully vibrant, lively and individual. The wooden watch Waldgoldstern Olive for women, the men’s wooden watch Wildensteiner Olive and the unisex wooden watch Feuerkogelbring you exactly this lightness, drive, vibrance and liveliness. Additionally, the wooden sunglasses Weitblick Olive invite you, in accordance with olive wood’s liveliness and drive, to a change of perspective.

Red Sandalwood

The red sandalwood grows mainly in Southeast Asia. Characteristic for red sandalwood is its red, fiery, partly red-brownish color as well as a partly black-brown coloring on the edge of the logs. The wide range of colors varying from orange-reddish to fiery dark red makes red sandalwood a very special wood. The wonderful color scheme is highlighted by the wooden watch Dachstein, made out of red sandalwood. The fibers of the red sandalwood are twisting and crossing, which also creates wonderful patterns within the wood grain of the watches. The magnificent fiber patterns of red sandalwood in combination with olive wood is particularly stunning, as seen in the wooden watch Feuerkogel. Red sandalwood is a true individualist and in the form of the unisex wooden watches Dachstein and Feuerkogel puts your individuality in the spotlight.


If you are enthusiastic about strong rosé and reddish shades, then you have come to the right place with rosewood. Rosewood comes from South American countries and is a very hard and very resistant wood. It is also highly decorative, as you can see on the Waldgoldstern rosewood ladies’ wooden watch. Rosewood’s pores are small to medium-sized, scattered and contribute significantly to the character of this amazing wood. The rose-colored to reddish basic tone is accompanied by dark red lines, which results in a unique, partly flamed-looking grain. Thus, rosewood is a true eye-catcher and, in the form of the Waldgoldstern Rosewood wooden watch on your wrist, celebrates and highlights your uniqueness naturally.


Walnut trees are among the deciduous trees and their home is in Europe, Asia, North Africa and America. Depending on the location and age of a walnut tree, the wood shows a variety of colors. The core of the wood is dark brown, the color becomes lighter towards the edge of the trunk and is partly shimmering light gray at the outermost edge. Each of the wooden watches and wooden sunglasses made from it is unique in terms of color and grain. In addition, walnut wood is very hard and dimensionally stable. At the same time, walnut wood is fine-grained and is one of the highest quality precious woods there is. Whether in the form of the unisex wooden watch Dachstein, the women’s wooden watch Waldgoldstern, the men’s wooden watch Wildensteineror the wooden sunglasses Weitblick: Walnut wood celebrates your uniqueness strong and noble!


If you look at the grain and color scheme, you know that Zebrawood is true to its name Zebrawood. Zebrawood is native to the western countries of Africa. The coloring of zebra wood makes it a very special and visual appealing wood. As can be seen with the wooden sunglasses Weitblick Zebra, the basic color varies from honey-colored, golden yellow to light brown and is sweepingly interspersed with veins of deep brown. The mix of lighter and darker color lines is actually reminiscent of the striped zebras and thus makes the Sonnentaler ladies’ wooden watch and the Wilder Kaisermen’s wooden watch visually striking, eye-catching wooden watches. The pores are scattered through the wood so that they are clearly visible and thus also contribute to the special character of zebrawood. In addition, zebrawood is hard, yet partly elastic and very strong. Wooden accessories made of zebra wood have a unique, eye-catching character and thus place a double exclamation mark behind your uniqueness and individuality.

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